Balinese wedding at Mimpi Bungalows & Spa
Do you dream of a Balinese Wedding Ceremony, filled with color, flowers, and smiles? A Wedding Ceremony where you do not have to worry or stress? More and more people decide to marry in Bali, perhaps because of the natural beauty, the beauty of the ceremony itself, and the romantic atmosphere. Mimpi Villa and Spa can provide the Wedding Ceremony of your dreams! The Wedding you can experience is truly a Balinese Traditional Ceremony. All decorations, services, and accompaniment are created and performed by the local people of Air Sanih.

Also, following the Balinese tradition, this Wedding Ceremony is only valid in the eyes of “the One God”, so this Ceremony does not include legal Marriage papers. Please see the photo gallery for additional pictures of Wedding Ceremonies performed at Mimpi in the past. Mimpi Villa & Spa can accommodate up to 12 members of the Wedding Party.

Offerings for the wedding ceremony
Wedding group photo with dancers

Detail of What our Wedding Ceremony Package Includes:

  • Wedding Decorations and Offerings
  • Make-up and Costumes
  • Spiritual Dance – 9 Girls
  • Joged Dance – 1 Girl
  • Gong Kebyar (Gamalan Orchestra) – 20 Men
  • Pemangku (Holy Man) to Officiate
  • Wayang Kulit – Traditional Shadow Puppet show after wedding ceremony

Additional Options:

  • Car with Driver
  • Wedding Ceremony Dinner
  • Accommodation
  • Language Translations

Spiritual Balinese Dance
Bride and Groom at the Bale Gading

Traditional Ceremony
Traditional Costumes
Traditional Dance and Gamelan Music
Romantic atmosphere
Flowers, Smiles and Happiness
Wayang Kulit Show - Shadow Puppets
Five Percent of all income goes to free medical care for the local people!

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