Mimpi Bungalows & Spa organizes a wide range of services and activities for you to choose from, ranging from the ocean to the mountains and from the people to the spirit.


Traditional 'jukung' fishing boat

Traditional 'jukung' fishing boat

Ocean Activities
  • Dolphin Tours
  • Fishing with Local Fishermen in a 'jukung' (traditional Balinese fishing boat)
  • Snorkeling in the coral reefs
  • Diving in Tulamben or the Island of Menjangan


Hidden, traditional village

Hidden village in the jungle

Nature Tours
  • Excursions to the most beautiful, hidden places in North Bali
  • Trekking of Mount Batur or Agung
  • Jungle trekking through secret locations
  • Waterfall tours and contact with local coffee and cacao farmers
  • Swimming in the natural spring pools of Air Sanih
  • Jogging at sunrise on the beach

Waterfall in the jungle

Mount Batur

Jungle waterfall
Mount Batur

Cultural Experiences
  • Experience local ceremonies (if the timing is right and you are lucky!)
  • Balinese style cooking class, including a trip to the market
  • Visiting a gamelan gong factory
  • Visiting the 'Gedung Kirtya' lontar museum of Singaraja

Local market

Local Ceremony

Local Market
Local Ceremony

On the Spiritual Side
  • Meditation and body movements similar to Tai-Chi
  • Spa with natural products
  • Traditional Balinese massage
  • Traditional Balinese healing

Local market

Local Ceremony

Traditional massage

Special Group Programs
  • Balinese Wedding Ceremony

    Mimpi Bungalows can arrange all the necessary for a traditional Balinese Wedding Ceremony. Just tell us the date and the number of guests, and we will arrange everything for you: ceremonial costumes, makeup, offerings, priests, the music (gamelan orchestra), dancers, dinner and decorations. All you need to do is show up! We take the stress out of weddings, so they can be enjoyed as the special event they are! Please view the photo gallery to see pictures of a traditional wedding ceremony preformed at Mimpi.
  • Special Group Rentals

    Mimpi Bungallows & Spa is ideal for group retreats and therapy sessions. With a strong natural energy and a focus on healing, the place is just perfect for meditation, therapy, and church groups. If you need a place to “get away” and focus, Mimpi can provide the space! In addition, during free times, Mimpi can organize activities which suit all interests.
Adventurous Tours & Cultural Tours
Hidden villages in the jungle
Secret waterfalls
Fishing with the local fishermen
Five Percent of all income goes to free medical care for the local people!

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