First and foremost Mimpi seeks to maintain and preserve the traditional Balinese culture.The Mimpi compound has been constructed following Balinese guidelines on materials, location, and timing. From its inception to the present, Mimpi Bungalows & Spa seeks to integrate the curious traveler with the local Balinese people and customs..

Four Reasons Why Mimpi is Special

  1. Mimpi focuses on Free Medical Care and Services for the local people.
    This is desperately needed due to the high cost for hospitals and the non-existence of health insurance in Bali.
  2. A diversity of languages is spoken at Mimpi.
    These include: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, and also all Slavic Languages. A Japanese translator is available too.

  3. Mimpi is able to offer you insider's information to beautiful and hidden places the traveler would not normally find!

  4. Mimpi offers access to traditional Balinese healing.

Mimpi Bungalows & Spa, Air Sanih North Bali

Mimpi uses five percent of all income to provide free medical services for the local people. If you would like to contribute directly to this cause, please let us know. In addition, any clothing or medical supplies you can donate would be greatly appreciated!

Mimpi Bungalows & Spa also has put the local craftsmen in the position to display their unique handicrafts for sale. As a result you will be able to view and buy these unique handicrafts in all peace and quiet, without the pushy sales techniques you would normally find in the regular touristic centers of Bali. All proceeds from the sales of these handicraft items go directly to the craftsmen. This money is typically used in their families for the education of their children.


Mimpi Villa and Spa is more of a family than a hotel. We would like to introduce you to our family!

Bambam – Manager

Originally from Java, Bambam attended tourism school in Denpasar, Bali. He fluently speaks English and French. Bambam also studied world history and loves to speak with guests, if you are interested in speaking with him! He has been living in Air Sanih for many years now and can be considered a local expert and tour guide.

Nyoman – Cook

Nyoman is originally from Air Sanih. She is married with 3 wonderful children. Nyoman prepares both Balinese and European meals. We are pleased to have her with us, especially for fresh breads and cakes! She would be happy to teach any guest how to cook in the Balinese style, and will also bring the guest to the market.

Katut – Security and Gardener

Also having grown up in Air Sanih, Katut has recently finished High School. This is a great opportunity for him to practice English and learn more about the tourism industry.

Nengah – Handyman

Nengah is also originally from Air Sanih. He originally came to Mimpi in much the same way as Iloh. However, since his wife’s hospital bills have been fully paid back, Nengah has stayed on with Mimpi. Nengah speaks English very well after working and living in the home of an Australian family for several years.

Made – Spiritual Balinese Massage and Physical Therapy

Made is also from Air Sanih. He was originally employed to care for Laura. When he first started, Laura was in a wheelchair. Now she is walking everyday – up and down steps, to the warung, and up and down the hill. Made’s healing, meditation guidance, and Tai Chi instruction is also available to the guests upon request. If you are in need of healing, Made may be able to help you!

Mimpi is constructed following traditional Balinese principles
Over six languages are spoken at Mimpi
Intergration with local people and customs
Mimpi helps the local community with free medical care
Mimpi preserves the traditional culture
Access to traditional Balinese healing for Mimpi guests
Introduction to the Mimpi Family
Five Percent of all income goes to free medical care for the local people!

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